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#Google launches an awesome augmented reality game called 'Ingress' [video]

19 Novembre 2012

To kick-start it's Google Goggles Campaign, and to give people the much desired feel of 'augmented reality', Google has launched an awesome augmented reality game called 'Ingress'. Ingress is an ...

Anche in Italia Sparirà #GoogleProductSearch e Diventarà A Pagamento

15 Novembre 2012

Anche in Italia sparirà Google Product Search, diventando un prodotto a pagamento: un cambiamento sostanziale per tutti quelli che hanno un e-commerce e ve

Visual Information & How It Affects #Website #Traffic [Infographic]

7 Novembre 2012

It's easy to feel completely stupid after a class or a presentation where someone has been talking for one and a half hours or more. The classic trend is that you probably don't remember half of ...

10 Dead Simple Tips to Take Advantage of #Google+ for #SEO

7 Novembre 2012

It's no secret. When engineers built Google+, they constructed an SEO juggernaut to dominate search results above all other social platforms. Although true that Facebook and Twitter are essential to

How #RedBull Got Everyone To Talk About Their #Brand | Business 2 Community

7 Novembre 2012

When Red Bull decided to sponsor Felix Baumgartner's record attempt to jump from the edge of space, they probably had a good inclination that it would be a good PR stunt. A PR stunt it might have ...

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6 Novembre 2012

Almost exactly three years ago then Google employee Marissa Mayer described "the perfect search engine" in an interview with IDG News. She said it would be one "that could understand speech ...